The poems of W B Rands

By William Brighty Rands

William Brighty Rands was a prolific writer of both essays and poetry, mostly for, or about children. We know of more than one hundred poems in this genre, but as most were originally published in evanescent periodicals under various pseudonyms, we doubt whether all have been discovered.

Some of the best are here, but more will surely follow. His unusual ability to enter the wonderful world of the child's imagination inspired such masterpieces as "Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world", "A New World", "The Tall Man" and "The Pedlar's Caravan". He was acutely aware of childhood fears as expressed, for example in "The Rising, Watching Moon" while his several bad Giant poems showed how loving good deeds or humour could disarm the evil and allay the fear. There are nonsense poems such as "Topsy Turvey World", "Nathan Nobb", "Baby's Bells", and a delightful sense of humour was shown in many other works.


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