Order the Lilliput Lyrics Audio CD

By William Brighty Rands

Lilliput Lyric CD

Read by David Rands & Kate Harding

Accompaniment: Schubert's Landler Nos 1, 3, 4 & 5 of D 366 - Cordelia Williams (Piano)

Use the form below to order a copy of the Lilliput Lyric Audio CD. Priced at £5.00 (plus £1 p.&p.). All proceeds go to Save The Children Fund.

The Audio CD contains the following poems:

Pedlar's Caravan

Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful World

Lilliput Levee


A New World

The Duck and Her Ducklings

Topsy-Turvey World

The Rising, Watching Moon

Lucy Locket and the Giant

Lumpy Loggerhead

Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore

Miss Hooper's Hoop

Frodgedobbulum's Fancy

Jeremy Jangle

Nathan Nobb

Clean Clara

A Fishing Song

The Obstinate Cow

There was a Man So Very Tall

The Dream of the Girl from Sevenoaks & The Dream of the Boy from Nine Elms

Harold and Alice, The Reformed Giant

Three Nonsense Rhymes

Music Finale



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