The Tall Man

By William Brighty Rands

There was a man so very tall,
That when you spoke you had to bawl
Through both your hands, put like a cup,
His head was such a long way up!

But there was something even sadder, -
His wife she had to go up a ladder
Whenever she desired a kiss -
And he, alas, was proud of this!

Said he, “I am the tallest man
That ever grew since time began,”
As down on a house-top he sat;
Well, he was tall; but what of that?

This monstrous man, as we shall see,
Was punished for his vanity:
He grew and grew - the people placed
A telescope to see his waist!

He grew and grew - you could not see
Without a telescope his knee;
He grew till he was over-grown,
And seen by over-sight alone!


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