Lumpy Loggerhead

By William Brighty Rands

There is a curious boy, whose name
Is Lumpy Loggerhead;
His greatest joy is - oh, for shame,
To spend his time in bed.

They fit with gongs alarum clocks
That make your blood run chill;
And they encourage crowing cocks
Beneath his window-sill.

In vain the gongs, - his eyes are shut -
In vain the cocks do crow;
Empty on him a water-butt,
And he will say, “Hallo!”

But only in a drowsy style,
And in a second more
He sleeps - and, oh! to see him smile!
And oh! to hear him snore!

He seems to carry, all day long,
Sleep in his very shape;
And, though you may be brisk and strong,
You often want to gape

When Lumpy Loggerhead comes near,
Whose bed is all his joy.
How glad I am he is not here,
That very sleepy boy.


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